Sales & integration

Our privileged relationships with manufacturers and importers allow us to advise you and install the best techniques under the best conditions.

Our teams of technicians trained in "Touring" are technically the most capable of installing, programming and commissioning your acquisitions.

Paragone Group equips theaters, cultural centers, places of worship, convention centers, restaurants, hotels...
We ensure the training to the new materials.

The installations that we realize can also be the object of regular maintenance.

A "HOT LINE" is permanently available in order to solve small problems which could appear following a bad handling or an event external to the normal conditions of use.

Authorized distributor : APG  & Active Audio
Distributor :  Audiophony &  Audiofocus

Distributor laser : RTI & Tarm

Our favorite brands and products : Midas, Avid, SSL, Allen &Heath, MA Lighting, Chamsys, Robelighting, Briteq, Martin, Clay Paky, Elation, OXO, Lab Gruppen, D&B audiotecknik, Sennheiser, Shure, DPA, Neuman, AKG, RTI, Tarm .....      do not hesitate to consult us.


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