Sécurité Laser

In shows, the classes of lasers generally belong to classes IIIB and IV .

The direct vision of the laser beam is always dangerous.
Viewing diffuse reflections is normally safe.

Class IV lasers are capable of producing dangerous diffuse reflections. 
They can cause eye damage, skin damage and can also be a fire hazard.

The following regulations apply:
  • European Laser Safety Directive
  • Decrees France 2010 Laser safety - smoke - Co2 - foam - etc...
For outdoor operations, a specific request must be submitted to the competent aviation authorities based on Appendix A of the notification of proposed outdoor laser activity - based on an ICAO adaptation.

The use of these lasers must comply with IEC/TR 60825-1

It requires extreme precautions, so the lasers must be used exclusively by technicians, like Paragone's staff, duly trained (CFR chapter 4 § 4,1 & 4,2,3 of the French decree cited above).
The training must be revalidated every 5 years by a recognized organization.
An examination must be validated to obtain the title of "Laser Safety Officer".

Our technicians are trained in Germany; the training in German or in English covers both entertainment and industrial lasers.

Here is an example of the training certificate of one of our laser safety officers, renewed on January 21, 2020.


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