Graphic Design

Our database has thousands of images and animations.
Our creative department creates images and animations on demand according to your needs and desires.
For many years, our specialists are broken in this kind of exercise and their creativity is matched only by their ambition to satisfy you and your audience.
We manage the complete creation...logos, animated images, complete show, mapping! without forgetting the 3D


The increasing demands of the public and the new potentialities brought by the softwares have led to the development of tailor-made "haute couture" shows. The laser is a perfect match for our water screens

We use specific 3D tools at the cutting edge of technology, including software packages such as "Beyond ultimate or Lasergraph DSP".
The projection will be synchronized with the music in "time-code". 

The intervention with the light in real time is permanent but it is also possible in the time-coded shows. 

More simply, we can produce a scrolling text like a luminous newspaper, allowing you to transmit your message live to the public. 
Our software packages take care of the calculations that allow you to modify the image: chaining of several images, management of complete shows, progressive transformation such as morphing, zoom effects, animated drawings, rotations, inversions, etc. 

If we create customized shows, we have a good number of shows on various themes at your disposal.

Exceptional Shows

Long distance projection... we can for example project more than a kilometer on the mountains

Laser graphics have become a powerful means of communication.
More and more important in conventions and events, the graphic design introducing a new aesthetic.

Essential to highlight an idea, a site, a product, a character, a game, the graphics as well as the writing will allow sponsors to find their logo in an original way. The laser is a perfect complement to pyrotechnics
These logos in 2 or 3D or advertising signs are projected on several tens of square meters, punctually or alternately during the show, thus appealing to the thousands of spectators.

We have some very interesting animation processes for the interactivity with your public.
This type of show has become a powerful, unconventional means of communication.

Paragone Group also realizes recurrent projections such as light animation during a tour but also shows designed for a limited number or even for a single performance or advertising promotion.

It is imperative for the projection of graphics or advertising logos, to provide a screen: building, canvas screen, water screen, water curtain etc.
The laser projection is spectacular on a water screen or on a water curtain.
The size of the screen will vary depending on the location of the show and the distance from the audience.

laser mapping

Mapping is very popular in event communication.

The laser blends beautifully with the video.
The mapping on building but also on vehicle during the presentation of your new product,

We hold at your disposal our spectacular and affordable proposals for your budget.

Three-Dimensional Volumetry and Sequential Beams

Beams, emitted simultaneously or sequentially in different directions previously established can be directed to reflectors, single or networked.
These beams or a single beam, fixed or mobile, are a real beacon in the sky.
These effects are, most of the time, used on very long distances and very often touch the clouds.
In volumetry, extremely precise geometric figures are created in space.
The most commonly used figures are cones, ceilings, ellipses, rosettes and lissajous curves.

Specific Achievements

You have original projects, technological challenges!

Our team will make you the study and the proposals so that these projects see the day at the best price while offering an optimal quality.

For example, like this realization for the EDF (French Electricity Board) on air-cooled towers.
We have installed several high power lasers in air-conditioned boxes that operate automatically 150 days a year on an EDF site in northern France.

Automatic switching on and off.

The show is changed periodically, it is possible to intervene remotely (one of our agencies for example) on the lasers 

Photos above and video below

Laser Harp

Laser harp for musicians.
It is not a gadget but an instrument in its own right.
The laser harp which owes its fame to Jean-Michel JARRE is now within your reach.

A superb visual effect to include in your show.
We also offer you a turnkey show!


We sell new and used equipment.

We sell the following brands : CHROMA by Paragone - RTI TARM - Kvant

New equipment

Used equipment

Harpe Laser


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