Video mapping

The video mapping is a very powerful technique of architectural projection on volumes by playing with their reliefs.

Whether it is on a facade, a monument, a church, a chapel or a cathedral, the projection plays on the optical illusion between the real relief and allows a very spectacular virtual transformation. The video can be synchronized with laser

The video, which can be combined with thelaser, transforms and sublimates the object or architecture in question.
Almost any surface will become a dynamic video surface that can also be enhanced with fireworks

A very large building, but also a very small surface, car or article in a shop window can be used as a support to be mapped.
In video mapping, things are not what they are; they are only what they appear to be.

A beautiful transformation of what is real for the public by creative illusions whose possibilities are infinite.
2D or 3D relief, colorizations, optical illusions, messages to be conveyed in a subliminal way.

A story or a message told in a poetic, historical or fantastic way, imaginary or phantasmagorical will satisfy your public.
We can also propose you beautiful interactive projects!

We can offer traditional video mapping, close-up mapping (mapping of small surfaces such as a master painting) or immersive mapping (the mapped surface is in 360 ° including the ceiling and the floor)

So let your imagination run wild!

Our creatives and technicians will make your project sublime.

 Live Streaming & Broadcasting

Promotional video is the future of digital communication!
This powerful communication strategy will bring you an unavoidable visibility, which is essential to exist today in the digital world. 
In marketing, it is important to bring emotion to our prospects in order to bring out their hidden feelings.
Why should VIDEO communication be adopted now?
Video is the most attractive communication medium!
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a well-prepared video is even more engaging for Internet users.
This success is due to the fact that the Internet user allows himself to make much less effort. He therefore favors the quick viewing of a video rather than reading a longer and more time-consuming article.
Figures that speak for themselves!
"80% of visitors watch a video, while only 20% read the content of the site.
In addition, the promotional video conveys more emotions (joy, fear, laughter), while promoting you, which immediately enhances your brand image and necessarily generates more engagement and interest.
Video is the best way to promote your brand!
Video is the most shared type of content on social networks. In fact, it generates on average 30% more interactions than a photo and twice as many shares. You will notice that the average engagement rate of a video on Facebook is 6%, unlike a post with a photo which is only 4.8%.
Promoting your brand or a product through video on social media, promotes the virality of your content, as well as your notoriety.
Live Streaming!
Live streaming allows you to be in direct contact with Internet users and to bring them closer, especially during a live concert broadcast on platforms designed for this purpose.
Let's take the example of a fan or spectator who can't travel. Offering this option will allow him to follow the event from his home or from the other side of the world. Many fans are willing to pay for this kind of solution to support their favorite star.
Don't wait any longer to find out more!
A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is 24 frames per second

LED screen

For several years, the "LED" type screens are used on many shows.

We also provide this type of screen for both indoor and outdoor use.

Paragone Group offers you LED screens that will allow you to realize images up to 12 meters base x 8 meters high.
Along with the screens, we have at your disposal the control panels and cameras for captation as well as everything related to video projection.

We also propose you the sound system


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