Fireworks security

The classification of the products is divided into four classes: F1 - F2 - F3 - F4
  •  F 1 can be sold and used from the age of 12 years.
  • F 2 and F 3: be of age.
  • F 4 : be of age and in possession of the F 4 T 2 level 1 or 2 certificate as well as a professional approval issued by the prefecture after verification of the professional's skills.
  • The F 3 products are compact equal to or less than 50mm.
  • The class F 4 corresponds to all the products housed in mortar + compact < to 50mm.
The levels of qualifications of the fireworkers : 
  • F 4 T 2 level 1: firing of bombs up to 105mm or compacts up to 500 grams of MA (active mass) and whose firing angle is less than 30 degrees (no authorization of firing or installation of nautical products for this level)
  • F 4 T 2 level 2: shooting of bombs and compacts regardless of the caliber and mass of MA + bombs and nautical compacts + angle greater than 30 degrees.
  •  Absolute respect of the safety distances:
In all cases, the public must be located at a minimum distance of 1 time the maximum caliber used applied in meters.
 This distance must be respected by the fireworkers.
The organizer must not and cannot obstruct these rules.

Examples :
  • For a compact F 3 of calibre 30 mm, it will be necessary 1 x 30 = 30 meters of safety distance.
  • For an F 4 bomb of 75 mm calibre, 1 x 75 = 75 metres.
  • For a 125 mm F 4 bomb, 1 x 125 = 125 meters.
  • For a bomb or Nautical compact of 50 mm caliber it will take 1 x 50 = 50 meters if the public is at the perpendicular of the shooting in the contrary case it will take 1,5 x 50 = 75 meters.
  •  When organizing any pyrotechnic show, demand the F 4 T 2 qualification certificate of the person in charge of the shooting, and check the validity date of this one.
For France, require that the pyrotechnicians or the persons present for the assembly and the shooting of the fire are the object of a declaration preliminary to the hiring to the departmental direction of work, employment and professional training for this activity.
The pyrotechnic zone is a "no-go" zone for the public and any person under 18 or not authorized by the F 4 T 2 site manager.
It is forbidden to smoke in the pyrotechnic zone.
Similarly, the simple carrying or use of a cell phone is forbidden.
The risk of fire is present during the use of pyrotechnics.
The perimeter around the site must be scrupulously inspected, useful measures will be taken to prevent any fire risk.


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